Dress (Forever New) | White Blouse (COMING SOON to Shop Brett Robson) | Heels (Public Desire) |

Bag (Superbalist) | Choker (Shop Brett Robson – RESTOCK soon)

I’m a little obsessed with this look. I kid you not, I plan on wearing this exact look a few more times. I have no shame in repeating outfits I like. I am pretty much in love with every piece here.  This black slip dress has been such an amazing purchase. I have already worn it more than I have worn most of the items in my cupboard. I feel like the black slip dress is going to a key piece in my summer uniform. I also think this white blouse is going to be your absolute favourite top this summer – if you decide to purchase it of course ;). I am so in love with it. This was actually a factory sample I borrowed for this look post. I just had a vision in my head for how it would look with the slip dress & needed it to happen. I was also going to do it in blue – but that didn’t happen because sadly we had fabric issues. We had also made a blue sample so at least I have that one too (jealous?) lol. Manufacturing can be a nightmare sometimes. The look was finished off with my oh so sexy perspex heels from Public Desire. I love the way Kim Kardashian wears her Yeezy Season 2 heels, & these are a super affordable version of them.

It’s been over 2 weeks since my last post, but as you know I was away. I struggle with my blog schedule every time I travel. Don’t get me wrong, if I have any commitments to clients, I make it happen. But, I also plan my calendar that I don’t have too many commitments when I travel as well. Anyway, it’s been a tough couple weeks. But I had a productive trip to China. If you are yet to watch my Dubai/China VLOG – watch it here. I have received many requests for vlogs when I travel, but this is my first, & despite the stress & nerves of it all, I think it turned out ok. What do you think? I feel like I am going on & on here but I just haven’t posted in a while, so I feel like it’s a catch up. Hope you don’t mind.

Images: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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