If you’re following me on social media, you may know by now that I have launched my own clothing label, Brett Robson & an online shop, Shop Brett Robson. Woohoo! I like the sound of that. It has been quite the journey getting to this point. And when I look back at the months of work myself, & everyone involved have put into this project, it is just unreal. Working on something that is mine has been the most amazing, exhausting, crazy & educating experience of my life. The thing about working on the Brett Robson clothing label & Shop Brett Robson online shop is that I had to put every single hat on, & give everything of myself to it. I had to do sales, marketing, garment technology, & the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, the experience has been invaluable & I would not change it for anything. But let it be known – this was not an easy task to pull off.

This range is everything that I wanted. It is slick, trendy & wearable. I love fashion that I can wear everyday, not just on special occasions. And all 12 items in my Brett Robson collection can be worn everyday. I simply had to include a party dress in the form of my Cut It Out LBD which comes with a spiky, diamante chain. And I incorporated trends like fringe, in the form of my On The Fringe Top which is an actual knitwear piece that was made in a knitwear factory. The Brett’s Fave Chiffon Vest is from one of my favourite look posts shot by my mother. The image, which is sublimation printing, has many of my favourite things in it: my favourite Steve Madden heels; faux fur; & henna on my hands. This is really me, who I am. I wanted you guys to have something that meant a great deal to me, so I tried to put myself into everything. The most ‘personal’ item would have to be the La Belle Muse foiled top. I have la belle muse / the beautiful muse tattooed on my left forearm. I have always thought of myself as a muse. What can I say, I love to inspire. Whether it has been inspiring people through my clothing; or inspiring a photographer with ideas; or feeding the imagination of those around me. I have always aimed to inspire people. I love the idea of having someone look at me & feel something deeper you know. So, I made the la belle muse foiled top because I want you all to feel that way. To feel as though you have the power to be a muse to someone in some way shape or form.


I did a few screenshots of Shop Brett Robson so that you could understand where certain things are. The main page has a slideshow of images of me wearing the items in the collection. At the top there are a few important pages:

Shop – There is a drop down menu which takes you to Tops / Bottoms / Dresses / Outerwear

Blog –  A direct link to my blog.

About Us – Just a little intro into this project.

Stockists – All the details on retailers stocking our merchandise.

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Shipping & returns information can be found in the footer of the main page. Any & all info on these topics can be found here. And if you still have a question, please feel free to mail support@shopbrettrobson.com with your query.

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Email subscribers, you can look forward to something EXCLUSIVE for you. And if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, you should. Trust me.

Thank you to Jerome Stoffels Photography for all the images; Kyle-Ben from Paper Jet Studios for a great site (& for responding to my texts at odd hours); everyone at Cruise Collections for the hard work we put into this; & my family for the love & support.

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