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I’m back with a new post after more than a week! But it feels like it’s been much longer. In case you were wondering, New York was great. It was terribly cold, & the rain didn’t make life any easier but it was good. I haven’t been to that amazing city in over a year so it was such a pleasure to be able to experience it again. It was all bagels & hot dogs; shopping & selfies; and beanies & hat hair. Hahaha.

I am so grateful that I get to experience seeing different countries through my work. I work really hard wearing the many hats of my current state: designer, merchandiser, entrepreneur, blogger etc. I am not getting much sleep but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am not afraid of work; I have had to work for everything I have. Someone recently eluded to the fact that I was lucky I have the car I have… Honey, I work for that car. I was raised to be focussed, dedicated & independent. I could never repay my mom for instilling in me this amazing work ethic; & for teaching me to believe that I can be & do anything I set my mind to. But even so, I have come to the realisation that I need help. I am looking for someone on a part-time basis to help with my blog & the online shop.

I always have great ideas, but the execution of ideas requires time – which I am lacking. And to be honest, Shop Brett Robson, & my Brett Robson collection has become my focus. It’s an infant as opposed to my career & blog. It therefore requires a lot more attention & causes many a sleepless nights. I believe in what I have created, & I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it a successful business.

If you are Durban-based & are looking for some part-time work (45-50 hours a month) then mail me via – I am not easy; I know what I want; & I expect a good work ethic. If you think this could be something you would be interested in doing, pop me a mail with some info about yourself.

Images: My partner in slayage, Jerome Stoffels Photography

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