Dress (Brett Robson – shop online) | Heels (LEGIT) | Sunglasses (Chloe via Moscon Optics) | Bag (H&M) | Rose gold triangle earrings (American Swiss)

Happy New Year guys! I am so ready for the year ahead! Are you? I wanted to start this year off with an outfit post, but also wanted to update you on what’s been happening with me. 2015 was an amazing year for me in all aspects of my life:

  • Launched my clothing line & online shop
  • Worked on countless brand campaigns (& essentially grew this business)
  • Hosted an instawalk in Durban with Skip Fashion Exchange
  • Appeared on Afternoon Express for an interview with Aisha Baker & Thithi Nteta
  • Travelled to Paris & London for the first time
  • Worked on my biggest project thus far with Jet (digital & print media)
  • Excelled in my career
  • Launched my Blogging 101 series – which will be resuming soon
  • I grew my YouTube channel & published 13 videos for 2015 – I intend doing more in 2016
  • I hosted a Shop Brett Robson POP UP at 8 Morrison in Durban – until 31 January

I may be forgetting some things, but the point here was not to list everything but rather to share some of the things I am proud to have done in 2015, especially those related to this blog.

In this post I am wearing a dress from my Brett Robson collection. I have honestly never worked as hard as I do on my clothing line & online shop. You guys will not believe the amount of work that goes into it. Seriously. But even saying that, I wouldn’t change it for anything because I love what I do. And I love that I get to share my passion for clothing with you all. The blogging community is very competitive, & we are all out there trying to be the best; but what I cannot fault my community on is having my back. I have received such a great response from bloggers who are my friends, & bloggers who I didn’t even know throughout this process of being an entrepreneur in the clothing business. Starting any new business has it’s challenges, but knowing that people want to see me succeed is one of the reasons I work as hard as I do. And as for my readers  – you guys are absolutely awesome! My social platforms, as well as this blog readership have grown so much. And please do know that I appreciate all the love you guys show me. I have shared an image of myself with a reader from Cape Town who I met while Jerome & I were shooting. It really is so fun to meet people who read my blog IRL.

Let’s have another amazing year together, achieving our goals, & being fabulous!

PS. Mac x Ellie Goulding launched online. I am wearing the patent polish in Revved


Images by: Jerome Stoffels Photography

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