Brows are so important, & when I attended the NEW Benefit Brow Collection launch a few weeks ago, I had so much fun. The launch in Cape Town was so awesome, & it was set up just like the Las Vegas launch that had happened a few weeks before that – which I loved. The Benefit brow experts are so phenomenal & really know what they are talking about. Personally, I love doing my brows. I change the shape according to what I feel in that moment. Today, I want to share with you my brow transformation using the new Benefit brow collection products that I received at the launch.

At the launch I received Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel, Browvo! Conditioning Primer, Goof Proof Brow Pencil and Ka Brow Cream Brow Gel Colour. In the video below, I used the Goof Proof  Brow Pencil & the Gimme Brow Volumizing Brow Gel on 1 eyebrow. And on the other eyebrow I used the Ka Brow Eyebrow Cream Colour. I did this because I wanted to demonstrate the different look you get from using the different products.


One of the things I am super excited about is that most of the brow products in this collection come in 6 shades. Yes, Benefit has everyone covered! While I am only sharing the above 4 products, there are a ton more products in the collection which you can check out at your nearest Benefit counter or online here. I use shade 4 in this collection. If you are curious to see what shade you are going to, check out the different shades below:

a-media-brows-6shades-shadefinderLight a-media-brows-6shades-shadefinderMedium a-media-brows-6shades-shadefinderDeep

BROWVO! Conditioning Primer

This clear gel contains nutrients such as keratin & soy proteins that will help your brows stay conditioned & grow/appear thicker, fuller, & healthier. I like to wear this product on it’s own before bed. However, it can be worn under your favourite brow products too. It will enhance your brows, & also extend the wear of the other brow products you place on top of it. I have not used this product long enough to be able to tell you exactly what I think in terms of brow growth. But I can tell you that when I tried it under the KA BROW Cream Colour it worked like a charm!

Retails for R395.00


Goof Proof Brow Pencil

I cannot express more how much I love this product. It really does make doing your brows as simple & as easy as you can imagine. You literally cannot mess this up! I absolutely recommend this product for those of you who are not comfortable doing your brows, or are intimidated by more ‘complicated’ brow products. The spool/brush on the one side is essential in getting a great brow shape, & overall even application. If you have watched the video above, you will see how simple it is to use to this product & achieve a natural looking eyebrow. If you get 1 thing from the entire collection – this should be it!

Retails for R335


Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel

This has been a favourite of mine for a while now. I remember even buying one for my mom when I was in London, before Benefit landed in SA! Luckily now we all have access to the awesomeness that is this tinted brow gel. Personally I love to set my brow pencil or powder work with Gimme Brow. Or, on days when I am going from home to the gym I wear the Gimme Brow alone on my brows just as a bit of a pick me up. If I am being honest, when I go to gym & already have make-up on, I remove it all except my brows! Don’t judge. Anyway, I like it for gym, because it is water-resistant & will last through the sweat. Gimme Brow comes in 3 shades, so you are likely to find the perfect shade for you. I use the medium shade in case you were wondering.

Retails for R335


KA Brow! Cream-Gel Brow Colour

This product reminded me a lot of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade; a product I tried so desperately to get my hands on, but was sold out at every Sephora I went to! What I like about this product is that you can build up the formula from a natural-looking brow to a more dramatic, bold brow if you like. As mentioned, I prefer a brow pencil, but this product isn’t bad to work with. I feel like it would require a little more practise from me, but I am not abandoning it just yet. I struggled a little using this, but sometimes we get so stuck in what we know, that trying new things is scary. My brow in the video looked ok, but I wasn’t entirely happy with the look of it. What did you think?

Retails for R335


I hope have enjoyed this post & video tutorial. I have wanted to do a brow tutorial for a while now, & this Benefit launch seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it. As mentioned, there are other product in this Brow Collection from Benefit; I just wanted to share the ones that I have tried out. In the tutorial, I did use Benefit High Brow, which I love. Mine is the old packaging, & old formula but it still does the trick! What I want to mention in regard to High Brow, is that Benefit have now added the High Brow Glow to it’s offering. It is a metallic version of High Brow & can be used in the same way (under the brows), but also makes for a lovely inner corner highlight. The new formula of High Brow is a more creamy, bendable formula which I have heard many people rave about. Personally, I only tried it at the launch event so I can’t say much. But, I am also used to using my High Brow (old formula) & have had no issues with it so I’m not about to go out & buy the new one.

Do let me know if you’ve enjoyed the Brow Transformation video above, & if you have any requests for other tutorials, let me know!