I’ve had my summer break on my mind all year long, & it’s almost here! To say that I am excited to rest & do lots of nothing would be an understatement! I’m not going away on holiday, instead I decided I’d like to do something in the middle of the year rather than end of year when everyone is holidaying. But don’t hold me to it – I like to work, so it’s always hard to get away. Everyone says I need a holiday, but I’m perfectly happy laying on the beach & just having the luxury of doing nothing. Not sure if any of you can relate, that’s my idea of a holiday. And considering how much traveling I do for work – travel has taken it’s toll on my body. That being said, if you are going away on holiday, Travel Well & Be Safe.

Now let’s chat today’s post. I was very inspired by how I intend on dressing during my staycation. I just want to feel good, & look sexy! That’s me in a nutshell really. Mohammed & I created the video of my summer lookbook, which you have to watch! It’s fun, & carefree. I also photographed some of the looks with Prince so that you can get a better feel for them.



If you haven’t had a chance to check out my latest summer clothing collection, you are totally missing out! When creating my Send Nudes collection, I had sexy, almost nude summer looks in mind. Nude colored clothing is a must right now, & I’m a little obsessed. Check out my collection here. I opted to style my nude on nude look with an oversized denim MOTO jacket so that the look was more casual. This is the kind of look I would wear to lunch with friends.

Top + Pants (Shop Brett RobsonZANDO or Planet54) | Denim Jacket (Topshop) |

Bag + Heels (ZARA) | Sunglasses (iamtrend)



I adore this look because it’s literally the look you can make work for so many occasions. If I were to attend a festival like Coachella, this is the kind of look I’d wear. I may opt for shorts instead of skinny jeans, but essentially it’s very similar. This chiffon kimono is a summer staple. You can wear it with almost any outfit, & it’s great if you just want something your shoulders, but not be warm. Also, can we have a moment for my denim espadrille slides! I am so obsessed with these shoes. I cannot stope wearing them.

Top (similar at MRP) | Chiffon Kimono (similar at ZANDO) | Jeans (similar at ZANDO)  | Sunglasses (Chloe Eyewear) | Bodychain (Claire’s) | Rings (H&M) | Espadrilles (Missguided via Superbalist)