I want to thank you all for the amazing response you have shown for part 1 of my Coveteur-Inspired Photoshoot. I really wanted to share what I created, but it’s hard when you create you something you love, & then share it with the world; opening yourself up to criticism like that is scary. And it’s so easy for people to sit on the other side of the screen & leave nasty comments. I won’t lie, my Instagram was L-I-T with comments & likes on the images I posted, but I also found that I was losing a few followers for every one I gained. Funny right? Well I guess those people didn’t like those images, & that’s ok. They really aren’t for anyone but me to like. I simply chose to share them with you. And in turn, hoped you’d enjoy & appreciate them as I much as I do.

What Jerome & I created here are some of my favourite images of myself. I want to have these images displayed in my home on the largest scale. The white dress from Bershka is such a fun item to wear. Who doesn’t love a little fringe right? There’s an innocence & purity to that last set. I’m normally a little on the icy side so I like the softness in them. And I look pretty darn hot too 😉


Images: Jerome Stoffels Photography

IMG_6461 IMG_6442 IMG_6462 IMG_6704 IMG_6525 IMG_6536 IMG_6540 IMG_6531 IMG_6714 IMG_6669 IMG_6676 IMG_6678 IMG_6692