American fashion designer Nicole Miller caught my eye the other day when I posted my Look of the Week: Nicole Scherzinger. And then I thought to myself, why have I not posted anything about this designer before, it’s not as if I didn’t know who she was?! And so, here we are.

Nicole Miller’s signature style has historically been black or boldly colored—with the cut of the clothes most important. Her main concern has always been proportions, curves and necklines. Her designs are known to be sexy, yet classic. Her styles range from body-conscious cocktail dresses, to wedding attire, to lounge wear, but she is best known for her form-flattering dresses. Miller draws inspiration from a wide range of influences including cinema, contemporary art, mid-20th century cinema, contemporary art, mid-20th century architecture and exotic cultures.

I love her work, and it’s no suprise she has just over 20 boutiques all over the United States. Below are a few pieces from Miller’s collection.

This jumpsuit is just to die for!!!