Denim shirt (Forever New) | Skirt (Forever21) | Sunglasses (Chloe Eyewear) |  Heels (Bronx)

Is there such a thing as being “over embellished”? I honestly don’t think so. Surely it is all left up to individual interpretation?

We saw the embellished trend come through is all shapes & forms. There were gorgeous beaded & sequin pieces/ensembles. We also saw “over accessorising” with tons of jewellery. So really are we not used to seeing this? When I styled my look today, I took embellished pieces & wanted to see how well they worked with each other. And in my opinion I love the way the look came together. We have become to used to playing it safe that the only time we wear an embellished piece is when we pair it with something plain. Are we afraid of the attention it may bring? I’m not. In this look I feel sexy as hell, & I think the overall look is gorgeous so look all you want!

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