Today is all about the fashion haul from my recent trip to China & then Dubai. When I travel, I always shop. I am extremely fortunate that I get to experience shopping in other countries, & be exposed to stores like H&M which I admire so much. I often make jokes that I am an “H&M whore” & that if given the opportunity, I would run off to Stockholm & be a part of the glorious Swedish retailer. They really are my favourite, & I have so much respect for them. I guess I also just love clothes, so you can imagine how much I enjoy putting everything together once i am home. I’m like a kid in a candy store. Clothes make me happy like nothing else. I can be in the worst mood, but let me buy something new & it’s like I’m a different person.
While I love shopping, I do like to see my money stretch. I don’t often buy expensive pieces. I prefer to shop at places like H&M, Forever 21, River Island, & other little stores (depending on where I am). I feel like I get more bang for my buck when I am shopping at affordable places like that.
Anyway, enough about that. If you are interested in seeing what I purchased on my most recent trip, check out the fashion haul video below (or click here).
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