Jewellery has never been my thing, but I have been so lucky to experience & see some of the cool goodies i have while being the Musgrave Centre Professional Shopper. I would have never walked into a jewelry store like Oro Bello, unless I was probably looking for a wedding ring, because that is probably the only real jewelry I will ever wear. Oro Bello has a stunning selection of watches, pendants, Nomination bracelets & rings, just to mention a few of the things they have to offer.
Customer service is always something I take special note of, & the service at Oro Bello is awesome. Not only are the staff friendly & helpful, but the owners of the store are also very much involved in everything. They are obviously very passionate about their business & that really comes through when they speak about the different things that they offer in store, & it is what sets them apart from other jewelers.

Nomination bracelets allow you to create a unique bracelet that may symbolize a number or people, places & memories. You choose the links, so it is unique & special to you. Combinations are endless, & collecting new links is something that can last a lifetime. I think this a great gift for the special people you treasure in your life. Be it to say “I love you”, or “Welcome home from a world tour”, or a collection of their favorite things. You can say it all 🙂

This is the You-Cool collection from Nomination. These copper bracelets come in 10 different colors, which each have a different meaning, and are said to provide you with a burst of energy due to the real energy conducting of copper

The Thomas Sabo range is also available in store.

The Georgini range is exclusive to Oro bello & is absolutely stunning. Go see it 😉 

Oro Bello has a Tanzanite collection too.
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