Here in South Africa we celebrate a special day known as National Cleavage Day. Yes, you read right. Personally I absolutely love it. Why not show off your assets?! Big, small, let’s celebrate them all!!! The evening out with the girls was planned before we even realised the day, but it was a great excuse to have even more fun.

And what did I wear you ask? Well, after coming back from spending a week working in Newcastle, I had tons of bruises allover my legs, so I had to wear pants. Something I don’t particularly enjoy doing when I go out, but I didn’t want anyone thinking I was being abused at home. So, I decided on a few of my favourites: khaki jeggings, Aldo platform wedges, and my cross earrings. And let’s not forget my favourite lipstick, Firecracker from Rimmel. Simple but cute too.

The Girls: Mpume, Lisa, Jade, & ME!!!

Earrings & Ring from Diva.

Shoes (Aldo), Bag (Mr Price).
Tallulah Bankhead
“It’s the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.”

Here are a few snaps from our evening of pizza, cocktails, and lots of laughs:

Happy National Cleavage Day to you all!!! Let’s celebrate everything God gave us!!!