I’m excited to be teaming up with Diesel on my Instagram account (@brettrobson) on their Jogg Jeans campaign. The images I shot with Prince Edgie were just too fab not to share here too. And I thought it would be a nice opportunity to chat to you about my processes when it comes to creating content.

When I create content in general, I like to feel excited about the products I am sharing. I almost never give a spot to anything I don’t like – that’s just not my style. I prefer to focus on what I like & just to ignore the stuff I don’t. A friend of mine, Luzanne of Pink Peonies recently shared a similar view on that on her Instagram story. And I think it’s like that for many content creators. But in all fairness, would you like to see the bad stuff too?

For me, the process of creating content is generally very chilled & informal. I am most often sitting on my bed. I love my bed. LOL. That being said, when it came to showcasing the comfort of the Diesel Jogg Jeans, I thought “what better way than to share myself at my most relaxed moments – at home; in bed; doing what I love”. I try products for weeks before sharing a review or video with you. And when it comes down to actually sitting down to write about the products, I like to be surrounded by them. I know it’s a little old school, but I love pen & paper. I keep note books all over my apartment for this reason. Although I must admit, I sometimes lose track of what was written where. For me, the process of writing down the points & planning what you will eventually see, works much better than typing the post. It’s funny how we all have our own way of working, even if we get to the same point in the end. But that’s also just life in general right?

Diesel Jogg Jeans | Missguided blouse | Bershka bralette | MRP Home mirror tray

Images: Prince Edgie

**My Instagram posts are sponsored by Diesel, but not this blog post.

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