I decided to include a little more of a review aspect today, because I knew that since filming the video I would have at least tried some of these products. There are also a few products that didn’t make the video that I will be mentioning in the blog post below. If you’ve tried any of these products, I would love to hear your thoughts on them. Watch the video if you haven’t already – LINK HERE.

YSL Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream

These are absolutely amazing. While I prefer matte lip colors, this is still great for me because my lips always look dry, & this camouflages that with it’s glossiness. I think the pointy applicator is the perfect shape. It was apparently designed to help create a dramatic cupid’s bow look. The colors are super pigmented & long wearing. They are not cheap, but if you are looking for a designer lip colour/gloss, I would recommend this one.


Garnier Skin Active Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

I am very much OBSSESSED with the Oil-Infused Cleansing Water. I took this with me on my recent trip to China & I loved using it everyday. I am a HUGE fan of the other cleansing waters by Garner but because this one is oil-infused it it 10 times better. I use lots of liquid lipsticks, like the Kylie Cosmetics which are best removed with an oil based product. This is a must in my opinion. I think that for a product that costs R89.99  for 400ml, it is so worth trying. And if you don’t like it, which I doubt, you don’t have to worry about having spent a fortune. I cannot recommend this enough! And this is me saying that even though I don’t particularly like the smell. That should tell you something.

Maybelline Master Contour Duo Shaper

I have waited for this to come to SA, & now that it is here I get the hype. This product is very creamy & blends very well. I have used it about 3 times, and on all 3 occasions I received compliments on my make-up. Now that may be a coincidence, but I don’t thin so. The contour looks really natural on me – I am using the Medium shade. For a drugstore product, I think it’s bang for your buck! Keen for a tutorial?

L’Oreal Black Velvet Liner

I am unfortunately not a fan of this one. I usually love L’Oreal liners but this one is not for me. I have tried it out a few times now, & the shape completely throws me off.

L’Oreal Brow Artist Maker

I am yt to try this one, but when I do, I will let you know what I think.


Revlon Unforgettable Encounter Eau De Toilette

I had mentioned this one on my Twitter when I received it, but it was really such a thoughtful press drop from the Revlon team. I share the details in the video. I feel like this is a great scent for summer. It’s subtle & fresh.


Garnier Moisture+ range

I have only tried the Moisture+ Radiance since filming the video, so no thoughts on the others as yet. In the video, I mentioned that I hoped the Moisture+ Radiance would kind of be like an illuminator. It is not, although it does give the skin a natural dewy glow. It is a gel moisturizer, & applies really well into the skin. I have used it under foundation & my foundation went on very well over it.


DKNY Be Tempted Eau De Parfum

Such a delicious smelling fragrance. I have been using this one everyday. It’s very sexy & flirty. I absolutely love it. There is a bit of a rose scent in it, which I love. It’s so feminine & would be perfect for summer.



I feel like these don’t need any explaining. These products smell great, & are tried & tested. I use the Anti-Perperant & so does my mom. It’s what I have known since forever you know. Really great message being pushed by Dove with the “Beauty At Every Age” concept.


Essie Gel Couture

Yes I fan-girled over a USB. Not embarrassing at all lol. I plan on reviewing these separately.

img_0144 img_0139

Eucerin Even Brighter

I am yet to try these as yet, as I am currently trying out the Clarins Double Serum, & have been using a few Clarins skincare products to go with it. Lol you can’t try too many skincare products at once. But I am keep to try these when I am done with the Clarins goodies. Have you tried it?


TRESemme Reverse System

I have heard a ton of good things about these products & about the TRESemme Reverse System, where you condition your hair before using shampoo. Yep, you read that right. I have not tried it, because my hair is in a professional wash only state with the colour treatments & all that I have done, so I am staying away from trying hair products right now.