Lingerie, blindfolds, masks and tuxedo jackets. If the grand setting of winding staircases, opulent tiling and pillared halls doesn’t send your mind careening back to Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut, then perhaps the styling by Andrew Zumbo will. It does for me, anyway. There’s a subtle fetishism to Mariah Jelena’s shoot, titled Invitation Only. Twin models Maddie and Thierney are mirror images of each other which adds a lightly surreal twist to the scenario; and you’re given the feeling that this invitation-only party is one populated by uniform sensual blondes, there to be seen not heard.

This is a super hot shoot. My love for all things creative has truly opened my eyes to much out there. I could easily have any of these on the walls in my home. Hope you enjoyed this!