1. Read your label. All garments have instructions to help you take care of your clothing, and cotton shirts are no exception. Cotton is an all-natural fabric which can be laundered in a variety of settings.

2. Wash your shirt in the temperature setting indicated on the tag. Choose the right wash setting to help you handle wrinkles more effectively.

3. Make sure your cotton shirt has plenty of “swimming” room in the washer. An over packed washer doesn’t allow the clothing to get clean, and it can also lead to wrinkles.

4. Dry your cotton shirt by following the cycle setting on the tag. Add a fabric softener sheet to the drying cycle to keep your shirt soft and wrinkles to a minimum. Remove the shirt as soon as it is dry. Leaving it in a clump of other clothes will obviously make it wrinkled.

5. Place the cotton shirt on a hanger immediately after taking it out of the dryer.

6. Make sure your closet has plenty of space for your clothing, especially if you’re a clothes horse. Cramming a crisp cotton shirt on a closet rod packed with other hangers is a wrinkled mess waiting to happen.

7. Remove your blazer or coat (without putting a damper on your look, of course) as soon as you can, to allow your cotton shirt to breathe and not be trapped inside wrinkle heaven.

So now, you have no excuses to be wearing a wrinkled shirt!