I have seen a few “how to pose like a fashion blogger” posts over the years, & I thought why not do one of my own. I am constantly being asked for blogging tips, & basically everything blog related so I figured this topic falls right in there. After all, people love imagery. I will be very honest here, I don’t always get the images I want. Often what I think I look like, & what I actually look like when posing for a picture are completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Life right? Today my hope is to share a few tips for how you should pose for your photos. I will always say that you should be yourself in pictures. But for some people, like me – I get a better result when I am actually posing not just being natural.

So, are you interested in learning How to pose like like a fashion blogger? Yes. Well keep reading 🙂

Touch your hair.
I feel like your hair is a prop in pictures. One of the things I miss most about long hair, is that now I don’t have much to work with. But what I do have – I make work. Whenever I am not sure of what to do with my hand, I place it on my head or push a hair behind my ear. It always works for me.

Hand on Hip.
I’m sure you are all doing this anyway, but in case you aren’t – you should try it. Whether its one hand or both hands on the hip, I feel like this is always a flattering pose no matter your size or shape. Sometimes, when both your hands are at your sides, it doesn’t show off your body or the look you are wearing. So, but simply placing one hand on your hip you can change it all.

Leg cross-over aka Know your strengths.
This is a funny one for me. I never really used to do this before. Or maybe not as much as before rather. I have a scar on my left shin, which I hate. I have been self-conscious about it for years now. So, in pictures I put my right leg in front of the left leg to cover it up.  It is not something I think about, it just happens in my subconscious mind – but I do know why I do it. This pose does also look great in pictures, but for me it’s mainly about knowing ones strengths & weaknesses. For you it may be that taking pictures of the left side of your face is more flattering than the right. Figure out what works for you.

Look Back.
I love how these images look. Whether you are walking away from the camera & turn to look at it while in motion. Or simply looking over your shoulder back at the camera. It works. And more importantly it gives some dimension to the images. You get to show your look off at a different angle.

Look down.
Many people hate this pose. I have seen countless posts on Instagram asking “What are all fashion bloggers looking for on the floor?”. It’s funny. And no, I am not looking for anything. I think this works for a few reasons. I often look to the ground when I am struggling with my eyes – which is often. Jerome teases me because my eyes struggle in sunlight. So, when we are shooting & I can feel that my eyes aren’t coping, I give them a break by looking away from the camera & to the ground. I like to tilt my head when I look down. You want to either be looking at the ground on your left or right side. This pose is also great for the shy person. If you aren’t feeling that comfortable with the photographer this would be great for you. No eye contact! But please don’t do this for an entire shoot. Try to show us your pretty face 🙂

I used to be very still in images. But I have learnt how to pose while in motion. And to be honest, these are some of my favourite images. Motion allows us to show the drape of clothing. To show the movement of our bodies. To add some character to a look post.

Have fun. 
I have started to have fun when shooting & not just be serious. There aren’t many smiling pictures I like of myself, & I will always prefer the more serious ones, but by smiling here & there or laughing, I feel like it shows you guys a little bit of me. I laugh a lot. I love laughing really. And half of the time when I am shooting with Jerome, we are laughing about something or the other. Telling each other stories & being relaxed. Having a little fun & shaking off the negativity is always good in a creative environment. I believe creativity breeds off positivity & happiness. So why not try to portray exactly that.
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