This video was requested by YOU, & I am so excited to be sharing it. As someone who has not purchased about 7 or 8 orders directly from Kylie Cosmetics (excessive I know), I feel like I have lots of knowledge to share with you guys. Yeah, I get that the process of ordering from Kylie Cosmetics is a lot more complicated for us South Africans. Am I willing to do it? Absolutely. Are you? Perhaps not. And that’s ok.

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Anyway, I am not saying that you cannot trust ALL IG resellers or stores on eBay; I just feel that you should be educated on what you should be getting. I do think you shouldn’t trust AliExpress though – they are NOT selling the real deal. I have heard some real horror stories of people getting lip sores, or their money stolen; among other things happening. With a product like this, it’s inevitable that there will be fakes out there. Where there is demand, there is bound to be a long line of people trying to make a quick buck off it.

When  first heard of fake Kylie lip kits back in June, it was so obvious that these were knock offs. But after purchasing a set of fake lip kits in Mary Jo K & Dolce K – I am seeing that some of the points that were initially mentioned are now ‘fixed’. For example, the lip liner now has a serial number on the fake – yep you read that right. They are improving the fakes. Listen, I didn’t actually put the fakes on my lip…because I’m not about that life. But I can tell you that the appearance of the fake product has improved from then to now. There are still some very obvious ways they have not improved the product, but a month from now, who knows how close they will be to that.

My video is very detailed. I compare the products side by side, & even give you dimensions (in cm). I feel as though, if you don’t have a lip kit to compare to, the dimensions will really be helpful.

Enjoy! And let me know your thoughts on the topic.