For those of you who aren’t sure what a sweater vest is, it‘s a sleeveless top made from natural or man-made fibers in a knit stitchbasically, & has the color and weight of a sweater without the long, tubular arms. Some vests have buttons, some have zippers and some are open at the front. A sleeveless sweater that’s one piece of fabric back and front is called a vest too.
Sleeveless sweaters only work as hard as the clothes paired with them, so don’t just throw one on over a pair of jeans and hope for the best. Cold temperatures call for warm outfits that still make you look like the fashionista you are. That look can work with a sleeveless sweater, as long as you have the right pieces to set it off.

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Think warmth. Pulling on a sleeveless sweater without something under it can only lead to hypothermia and worst-dressed awards.

Go BRIGHT. Pair a bright sleeveless sweater with tights in the same shade or a pair of dark denim jeans. You can even add a black skirt that stops an inch or three above your knee, dark boots and a white button-down shirt with French cuffs and collar under the sleeveless sweater for an updated, but classy, look.

I love this Chicos sleeveless sweater!

Try jeans and a long sleeved T-shirt with your sleeveless sweater. If the sweater is dark, use a colored T-shirt to add a bit of brightness to your look in the dreary weather. If it’s bright, stick with a white T-shirt.
Add a sleeveless sweater to tights and a long-sleeved shirt in the same shade — but only if the sleeveless sweater is at least thigh length. Cute boots or heels, a scarf and and some earrings complete the look. Try to find accessories that complement your sweater.

Cinch a belt around your waist if you’re thin and under your bust if your hips are a little larger. Choose one that matches another piece in your outfit, but not the sleeveless sweater, for the best effect.