Now if you follow this blog, you would’ve seen my previous blog on Winter Trends for 2011. And one of the trends I liked the most was the aviator jacket. It’s just so hot, and I absolutely love what Burberry has done for the military chic look.

Its easy to go out and buy an Aviator Jacket, but do you know how to wear it? I see it everyday, people having some gorgeous fashion pieces but not knowing how to put them together to achieve a chic look. So, if you need the help, here are a few ways I think the Aviator Jacket should be worn.

Aviator Jacket: Look 1
This is a very casual look. Although I do feel it shouldn’t be limited to just day wear. You can wear it at night. I love the knit dress, and the rusty colour palette. You’ll also notice that the dress isn’t too tight, it just skims the model’s body. Don’t wear anything too tight with this jacket.

Aviator Jacket: Look 2
This is another casual look. I love the pop of colour from the tangerine sweater. The legging cargo’s are also pretty cool. It’s a great day look.

Aviator Jacket: Look 3

I love the shorts look. I like that you can choose how short you want your shorts. Its great if you are a student or if you are going for a laid back look. This look just screams comfort to me!

Aviator Jacket: Look 4
 I layered a tank top, knitted sweater, and the jacket to add a bit of texture. And the dark denims are great if you are going from day to night, as they are less casual than a light wash. And the floral bag is lovely, soft, feminine touch.

Aviator Jacket: Look 5
This is another layered look. Most people don’t wear brown & black together, but I say ‘If you do it properly, it will look fab!’ And I do think this looks good. I think the peach flowers in the dress, & the scarf bring the brown & black together.

I hope this was helpful to you. And if you have any requests for other looks you would like to see, let me know via my email address or the Contact page.