I am absolutely loving the denim shirt right now. It’s so versatile, & there are so many different styles available. I just got a great longer length denim shirt that I intend wearing with my other favourite thing..leggings! I found myself thinking, how else will I wear this shirt… And I imagine many of you bought the shirt thinking you are gonna make it your must-have item etc. But do you really know how to put great looks together with your denim shirt?

I tried this look a few weeks ago with a dark wash denim shirt. I paired it with a floral skirt & boots. I think I looked pretty good. What do you think?

Here are some other looks I put together for you & your denim shirt.

I really like this look, & i see myself wearing my new denim shirt mostly this way. Leggings are the perfect match for a longer length denim shirt. If you follow this blog, you would’ve seen my post on How to wear a shirt over Leggings. And if you didn’t, well i stressed that your butt should be covered by your top, as you can see below.

The next look is a great casual look. I paired the denim shirt with a pair of shorts & a top similar in colour to the denim shirt. I loved that this shirt was quite washed out. Denim does not necessarily mean blue*

This look below is very similar to my look above, except this is a dress. I think this look can be worn to college, the mall, a party, anywhere really. This is quite casual, but with different accessories it can really be dressed up.

The look below is a little more dressy than the ones above. I paired the fitted denim shirt with a matte,sequins skirt. I added some colour with the shoes & belt. This could be a good work look. Obviously depending on the kind of environment you work in :)

My last look is the denim shirt paired with a pair of black skinny pants. This is another look that can be dressed up or down. Swapping the heels for flats will take you from smart casual to casual chic. Love the pop of colour in the bag, top, & shoes. And who doesn’t love Armani sunglasses?!

I hope this was helpful to you. Have fun wearing your denim shirts*