Oversized sweaters can be a lot of fun to wear, but only if you do it right. Wear one wrong and you’ll end up looking like your drowning in a puddle of yarn. Wear one right and you’ll be a super chic fashionista. There are actually a few different ways to rock an oversized sweater. The key is to balance out your outfit so you keep your pretty figure and not look like a shapeless balloon.
1. Wear an oversized sweater with a pair of black leggings or skinny jeans. Make yourself look nice and tall and keep the outfit a bit dressy with a pair of black booties. You can wear a black tank underneath your sweater if you want to see a bit of the black showing through from underneath, and accessorize with a couple of bangles and some stud earrings.
2. Put on a brightly colored oversized sweater with a pair of jean cutoffs. Wear a pair of flip-flops if you’re just running around town on a nice day running errands, or dress up the look for night with a pair of sky-high peep-toe pumps. A clutch or shoulder bag will look lovely with this ensemble. It’s an easy but chic outfit, perfect when you need to take your look from day to evening.

3. Layer an oversized, chunky knit sweater over a floral-print tunic and leggings. Define your waist with a thick waist belt; wear it under or over your sweater, and add a pair of knee-high socks over your leggings if it’s a cool day. Think ballerina flats or Mary-Jane heels for footwear, and keep your jewelry minimal since you’ve got so much going on with your look already.

4. With a thinner knit sweater, tuck it into your favorite dark-wash skinny jeans and pair it with a pair of knee-high riding boots. Tucking cinches the sweater in so you don’t totally lose your figure, and the fitted jeans keep the look proportionate. An oversized satchel is the perfect accessory for running around on a busy day and is big enough to fit all your must-haves.

I hope this was helpful to you all. Please comment & let me know!