Pussycat Dolls have got to be one of my all-time favourite groups. I love how gorgeous, sexy, and fun they are. Plus they make music that I love to dance to. One of my absolute favourite PCD songs has got to be “I don’t need a man”. I’ve always been somewhat of a feminist, in the sense that I have always seen myself and women in general as equals to men. I’ve never been the type of female to back down or keep quiet or dumb myself down for fear that a man will challenge me, not respect my opinion or even not like me because I give myself a voice & stand up for what I believe. 

I don’t need a man to make it happen
I get off being free
I don’t need a man to make me feel good
I get off doing my thing
I don’t need a ring around my finger
To make me feel complete
So let me break it down
I can get off when you ain’t around

This post is not just about my random feminist rants lol. I really just wanted to share some screenshots from the music video of this song. I love the use of Black, White & Pink in the video. I’m such a girl! hehe