T-shirt & Necklace (Mr Price) / Striped Skirt (Legit) / Heels (eBay) / Nerdy glasses (Topman) / 
Bracelets (Sass Diva) / Stashe ring (Hong Kong)
I’m A Big Deal On My Blog! I LOVE Mr Price for this TEE!!! When I saw this I immediately had to have it!!! It’s fun & cool, and it really embodies what us blogging folk think. Like let’s be honest – we all (in some way shape or form) have been guilty of taking our selves too seriously at some time. Let’s be honest friends. I’m guilty of it. It’s like ‘Hey, I’m the star of the show’ lol. Anyway I love this Tee & I think you all should get one!
**This is what Durban winter looks like. Jealous?

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