Tropical print oversized top (River Island) | Pants (H&M) | Jacket (Cotton On) | Bag (Blackcherry via Fashion Hub ) | Necklace (China) | “Cool” ring (YDE) | Heels (The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden)

When I starting blogging, I focussed a lot of my attention on trends. What you should be wearing. I was doing a public service as far as I was concerned; because heaven forbid you wear the wrong trend lol. As my blog has evolved from a general fashion blog to a personal style & beauty blog many aspects of where I started got lost along the way, especially the trend posts. I’ve been trying to bring that aspect back slowly but surely. I did my AW 2014 Trends video (watch here) & I do wear trends, but wearing the trend & saying “This is a trend” are 2 different things. And what I have learnt in life, & especially on social media is that people need you spell things out sometimes.

So today, I am going to share a trend for the upcoming Spring/Summer season: the oversized, sports inspired top with a tropical print. There are a few trends happening on this one top, & I am going to explain them all to you today. First, the ribbing on the neckline is white with the black stripe. This is something I saw even before my trending trip to NYC; & you will have seen it too if you shop at Topshop. Yes, we are so lucky to be have a store like Topshop in South Africa because this neckline detail (this is where you will predominantly find the ribb) has been in their stores for a while now. Although, I must admit that I bought a sleeveless top similar to this style back in March when I was in Hong Kong. The next trend on this oversized top is the fabric: we call it Airtec. It is a sports fabric that you would associate with a basketball top. This fabric is going to be big come summer.  You may see it as small ascents on a garment, or the entire garment will be made from it. Either way, I am quite excited for this fun fabrication. Lastly, the tropical print. I have seen tons of tropical & floral prints in all forms during my trend research & my trending trip to NYC. Again, I am super excited for the colours, & essentially the endless possibilities for the prints.

I haven’t said so much in a post in such a long time, it really feels good to share my knowledge, & opinion. I really do love what I do for a living & so being able to share little bits of it here gives me such pleasure. What did you think of this post? Slightly different from the usual, but certainly more informative in my opinion 🙂

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