While there has been much debate and controversy over MTV’s popular show Jersey Shore, about 8 twenty-somethings who live together in a house on the beach over summer, there has been little publicity about what I believe to be New Jersey’s most entertaining show: Jerseylicious. Set in the Gatsby hair salon, it follows the personal and professional lives of all those who work there.

While the characters are very endearing and every show is entertaining the main reason I tune in is to see what everyone is wearing. With their style consisting of ‘Orangina tans, long-nailed manicures, cleavage-baring fashions’. It is very different from anything I have ever seen before which is what makes it so fascinating. One of my favourites out of all the characters is make-up artist Olivia Blois Sharpe, seen below. Despite her over-the-top look, you just gotta love her. She is the cutest little person. lol. Here are some of my favourite “Olivia Looks”.

I think her style is unique and definitely entertaining.
What do you think?