The KAHVE body scrubs landed on my beauty desk over a month ago. To say that I was excited would be putting it mildly. Any type of body scrub excites me. The Enliven Coffee Cinnamon Body Scrub from Kahve was particularly exciting for me as I am very much a fan of coffee scrubs. I was surprised to find out the Kahve Skin is manufactured in South Africa from eco-friendly ingredients. The ingredients in the Enliven body scrub include avocado oil, Robusta coffee grounds, & Vitamin C. The ingredients are said to hydrate, exfoliate, stimulate & regenerate the skin.

I have been using this scrub on my back, belly, breasts & thighs. I have been repeating this process once a week for 4 weeks. Prior to using the body scrub, I noticed my upper back had fine bumps on it. In the shower I use a loofah, but it doesn’t get rid of the fine bumps. And with summer coming, I absolutely cannot have that. Have I seen results from the Enliven Coffee Cinnamon Body Scrub? I dare say I have.

Here are my detailed thoughts on it…

Upon the initial introduction to this product, one cannot help but admire the packaging. I love the sleek black packaging. It’s sexy. Once you move past the outside appearance, & actually get into the goodness inside, one has to acknowledge the intoxicating smell. As soon as you open the package, you get the aroma of caffeine & cinnamon. I absolutely love the smell.

The package contains 225g of product, & I feel like that is a great amount. As mentioned above, I have used this particular body scrub on my back, belly, breasts & thighs on 4 occasions. I can safely say I have more than enough to last me throughout the summer holidays. With a price tag of R280, I feel like this is quite affordable for the number of uses you get out of it.

Now the important stuff – does it work? Immediately after use, as I would rinse off in the shower, I would notice how smooth my skin felt as I would run my hands across my body. The skin feels moisturised & has a radiance to it. For the most part, after having a regular shower, I don’t feel like my skin has a sheen or radiance to it. However, after using the Kahve Enliven Body Scrub I don’t feel the need to rub myself up with a body butter or with my Bio Oil. There’s a glow to you. I also feel like the appearance of my cellulite is better, which is a bonus! Two days after treating myself to the body scrub, my skin still feels smooth. If you have an event that you are going to be attending, I suggest you try this scrub out the night before. I promise you will be glowing! The coffee cinnamon scrub has a slightly sugary texture, which I like. When it comes to a scrub, I like to feel like my skin is being worked on.

Overall, I feel like this is a great product. It has a space in my shower, & I will definitely be reaching for it weekly. I think it’s a cute gift for the Christmas; perfect for your bestie who’s going to be hitting the beach or wearing those cut-offs this summer 😉 And hey, who says you can’t spoil yourself too. It may even be the perfect gift for your man. Guys really neglect stuff like this, so it can be your very obvious hint. Lol.

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