I received my KKW Beauty package yesterday, & I was keen to share my thoughts on it before the RESTOCK today. As you guys are surely aware, KKW Beauty dos not ship to South Africa. I ahem had to use my US Forwarding service SHIPITO.

My opinion is exactly that MY OPINION. I feel like some people are going to hate on the Kardashians no matter what, & that’s up to them. However, no matter what product I review, I am always honest.


6 July 2017,  9PM SA Time


The below goes into detail of my KKW BEAUTY order:

Order Date: 21 June 2017, 8.20pm

(LAUNCH was at 6PM that day, but I had technical difficulties LOL)



Shipping $8.95

CA Tax $6.74

LA County Tax $1.40

TOTAL $110.09 / R1493.04 (Exchange Rate R13.56)


Date Shipped by KKW Beauty: Unknown. No shipment email received.

Received by SHIPITO: 29 June 2017



Processiong Fee $2.00

Special Request $1.00

Shipping $27.29

Total Shipito Costs $30.29 / R410

Date shipped from Shipito: 30 June 2017

Date Received: 5 July 2017

Based on the above, if you purchased the KKW BEAUTY Creme Contour/Highlight Kit on its own, you will end up paying roughly R900 – R1100 depending on the size of the box your item is shipped in. My box was a little big; bigger than Kylie’s box. The bigger the box, the more your shipping fees.  You may even end up paying the same shipping fee for 1 product, that I paid for 2.

There were a few websites that were saying that KKW BEAUTY sold over 300 000 kits in this initial launch. I strongly disagree with that. I placed my order at 8.20pm, over 2 hours after the launch time of 6pm. At the time of my order, ALL Medium & Light kits were SOLD OUT. There were only Dark & Deep Dark kits left. My order number was #KKWB19774. KKW BEAUTY is run on the Shopify system, which is the same system I use on my online shop. The order numbers are not random, they are in order of the number of orders you have.  What I am trying to get at is that after 2 hours, I was the 19 774th person to order. I do not think 300 000 orders were placed that day. This figure was based on an interview Kim did where she mentioned her KKW x Kylie collab made 300 000 lip sets. I think Kim launched with a limited amount of product. That is my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my review & this video. If you happen to purchase the contour/highlight kit do leave me a comment down below & let me know what you think.