Culottes (Forever21) | Lace up bodysuit (H&M) | Bag (Kardashian Kollection for SEARS) |

Heels (NYC purchase)

I got back from London yesterday, & boy am I tired. London was great for fashion. And if you follow my snapchat (brett_robson) you would’ve seen that I tried to wear this lace up bodysuit while over there. Man was I delusional. London was not about to have me wear this! It was quite cold & I found myself wearing a coat & still being cold. It’s London – what did I expect?

I have seen everyone from my favourite YouTubers to celebrities wear the lace up bodysuit & I knew this was something I could rock. I decided to pair the bodysuit with a leather culotte that I picked up in Shanghai. The ‘stripper heels’ as I call them are from my first trip to New York a few years ago. I remember buying them, & thinking of how often I would wear them. The unfortunate truth is that I have only worn them about 4 times. It’s how we operate, right girls?

I’m leaving again next weekend, & have a ton of work to do. C’est la vie. And I do love what I do, even when I have to say no to projects or events. Each of us has to decide where our priorities lie & my career goals are a priority. I’m an ambitious girl, I want it all! Haha

Images by Jerome Stoffels Photography

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