Dress (LEGIT) | Wedges (H&M) | Faux leather vest (H&M) | Sunglasses (Spitfire) | 
Armcandy (Sass Diva / YDE / China) | Pearl earrings (Sass Diva) | Studded clutch (Hong Kong)
According to LEGIT, I look good in RED, & if you follow me on instagram (@brettrobson), you would’ve seen me post a special note from the team over at Legit not so long ago. How they picked out a dress that is so me?! I have no idea, but from the moment I opened the beautifully packaged box I was excited. 
With the color & asymmetrical neckline being the stars of the show, this dress is a statement on its own.  However I still thought it would be fun to add the leather vest (YES! I am obssessed with it.) to add a certain edgyness to it. You get me right? 

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