Woohoo! I have finally finished editing this 16 minute video!!! I shot this video weeks ago, but am only publishing it now for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is that I actually wanted to scrap it because there are noisy birds in the background. While filming I honestly didn’t hear a thing – but the camera picked up EVERYTHING!!!

In this video, I discuss the broader themes for the season: Grunge; Luxe; Feminity etc. I then also discuss a few prints you should invest in, as well as hot items for the season. I didn’t mention absolutely every trend going on, these are just the ones I was keen on letting you guys know about.

Honestly, between my winter trending trip to NYC last August, & what I have seen locally of late – nothing is that revolutionary. Crop tops are still big, the sleeves are just longer. The midi-skirt is being worn by everyone & their mother. And monochrome is still around!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the video, if you do – let me know your thought. Again, I apologize for the noisy birds! Also, I just want you guys to note that this is my interpretation of what is happening for the season. It is not set in stone, & I want you guys to interpret it & adapt it in your own way.

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