I started using the L’oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation when I received it in a media package from L’oreal. I had not been looking for a new foundation, but I am always keen to try new products so I did just that. To my surprise I fell in love with this product & it is now my holy grail foundation. I have already re-purchased it once, & will have to do so for a 3rd time very soon. I use the 250 Radiant Sand which suits my complexion perfectly.
Watch the video below to see my demo, & don’t forget to read all the details in my review below 🙂

I apply this foundation using a beauty sponge which has been dampened with some water. I also like to mix in my Forever21 Beauty Luminiser, however for the purpose of the demo, I chose to just use the foundation. I find the application to be easy, & the product does dry fairly fast which I love. It really does go on smoothly.
Coverage is medium to full. To achieve full coverage, you will have to build the foundation. Having a good primer or base will make this easier. I have to also tell you that for me, at full coverage it did feel a little heavy on my skin. However, I am not used to wearing full coverage foundation so that may be why. The product does claim “no visible imperfections” which for me is quite accurate – but my skin (other than my dark circles & a few freckles) is fairly clear & smooth, just very uneven. If you have many imperfections on your face, then I am not sure how you will find this aspect of the foundation. I honestly do still use concealer on my dark circles, but other than that it does a great job. I love that the foundation gives me a dewy look, but for those of you with oily skin, you may want to use a powder in conjunction with it.
Colour Range:
As far as I am aware, this foundation doesn’t have a wide range of colours, so you may have to mix 2 colours to get the correct shade. From the shades I have seen, they are yellow-based for the most part. But yellow-based foundations can be used by many complexions. 
This foundation retails for approximately R209.95 (depends on where you’re purchasing from, so don’t quote me.). I think this is a great price for a foundation. The last foundation I purchased was on a trip to USA, & cost me $40. 
I really do love this foundation & would absolutely recommend it 🙂
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