I love swimwear, and as an aspiring swimwear designer, I am always looking to other swimwear & beachwear brands I feel I can relate to. I love looking at ad campaigns. I can spend hours just looking at the different locations & concepts used to advertise swimwear. Because that’s the thing, most designers & big brands do the usual, expected approach to advertising swimwear. That being on the beach, on a yatch, or poolside-. But then there are others who give a whole new spin to things. Shooting in weird & wonderful places like abandoned buildings, Mayan Ruins, and like SHE Beachwear, PARIS!

I love their 2011 collections. Today I will show you pictures from their 2011 PARI PARI Collection. The collection was modelled by Camila Morais.

So what do you think? Are you as impressed as I am?