I hope by now you have taken the time to watch my 5-part Beauty DeClutter Series. If you haven’t, I have a dedicated playlist to it on my YouTube channel here. I found the declutter to be so therapeutic, but also just great for me as a beauty junkie. The truth is, I wasn’t using half the stuff I had because I forgot I had it. And prior to moving into my new home, I was tight for space, so I wasn’t able to see everything. When I was having cupboards built in my bedroom, I made sure there was enough space for the desk/vanity I had wanted to buy. That was my first thought. And now that I am here, it has been a pleasure to sit & do my make-up in that space. So, today, I am going to share with you how I went from an empty vanity to one that I am very proud of. My make-up collection storage is not going to be ideal for everyone but it works for me. And it’s important that if you decide to organize your vanity/beauty space – that it works for you too. I hope the tips I am sharing below will help you.


So, I started my make-up collection organization/storage project with an almost empty vanity. My desk is from Superbalist, & I bought it because of the 3 drawers. I think that you can organize better with drawers. I have the left drawer filled with everything to do with hair. The right drawer filled with make-up removers & cotton wool. And the middle drawer is filled with lipstick & eyeshadow palettes. The brushes (clean & dirty) are in containers I found at Boardmans on SALE. I found that it was important that I removed everything from the containers, & first worked out where I wanted each container. That would be my #1 TIP. Start with a clean slate. It makes the process much easier.

Desk / Rose Gold Mirror / Large Square Mirror / Kylie Lip Kit Storage – Lux Box 

TIP #2 If you have a large make-up organizer like myself, then I suggest you get yourself some dividers. This 3 tier drawer set is from 27PINKX – BUY HERE. However, if I am being quite honest, I have outgrown it. It was great for a few years, but now I feel I need more space. But for now, I am keeping it, & I am just making my life easier by making sure it is organized properly. The dividers are from The Beauty Box. Since filming this video, I have also purchased x1 brush holder & x2 lipstick holders, also from The Beauty Box.  I found Beauty Box via my friend Luzanne of Pink Peonies, & my mentions are just because I’ve had a good experience shopping their site.The service is really great, & the products too. I am actually really wanting to build a beauty box. I just need to have the funds for it. Owning my own home, & decorating, doing renovations etc has been great, but geez it kills the cash flow lol. Also, I know you guys want an apartment tour. I am just waiting for it to look a little more “done” in terms of furniture.

 TIP #3 Separating your products into categories will make all the difference. I use my MUJI 5 drawer storage for the smaller products that I can separate into little families you know. So if I am looking for concealer, all the concealers are in 1 place. The Beauty Box has a similar product that could work instead of the MUJI drawers – see here.

TIP #4 I would say is to keep your favourites or products you want to use more often very close, & visible. I keep a nail polish organizer filled with my most used nail polishes right in front of me, so I don’t have to go looking for anything. Also, my 12 most used MAC lipsticks are out on top of my vanity rather than in a drawer with the rest of my lipsticks. It’s really about convenience.

 TIP #5 Think outside the box. I am so obsessed with acrylic storage/organisers for my make-up – I will use anything. As long as it’s acrylic of course. I have a letter container for your desk, which fits 3 palettes in it. And also, I have a fragrance holder that I flipped on it’s back & now use for lipsticks. It’s whatever you make of it right?

I hope this post has been helpful to you. It has been fun for me to do, so if it helps you then that’s even better. Be sure to check out my video here.