Knowing what figure type you are is not just for females. I think it’s good for a man to know his figure type. You never know when you may need it 🙂

The shape you identify with most is your figure type.

The Triangle
Men with this body type exhibit low levels of strength and size prior to training. They have relatively low levels of body fat, and small, narrow bones. They experience low levels of strength prior to training, but they do tend to excel at endurance sports. This is a result of their higher-than-average proportion of slow twitch muscle fiber. They also have fast metabolisms, which prevents them from gaining weight quickly.

The Rectangle
Considered to be very genetically gifted individuals, men with this body type exhibit low levels of body fat and impressive muscular development – even before starting a rigorous training regime. Their thick bones are also more conductive to building muscle, giving them an advantage in strength and power sports.
Endomorph male body types are the usually the largest. These body types tend to be plumper, with generous amounts of muscle weight and fatty weight. Endomorph types typically have the slowest metabolism, and therefore have the most difficult time shedding weight. Males with this body type often find that they easily gain muscle mass with a weightlifting routine, although it’s often necessary for them to focus just as much on cardio exercises in order to trim fatty weight and not just build muscle.
So guys…now you know :))