Last week I hosted a MANGO VIP Customer event at the MANGO store at Gateway in Durban. In a nutshell, I chatted to customers (& the readers who won tickets via this blog) about fashion trends for this summer. I even got to dress 3 MANGO employees according to my favourite trends for the season.

I often joke about the fact that I am a year ahead. But really I am. Work-wise I have completed winter & have already gotten started with next summer. So, when I am asked about trends, I have to think about it quite hard. Because while I am present in summer 2014/2015 – my head is in summer 2015/2016. Anyway, after a little research through my old notes; I settled on 3 trends I thought would be best for the broad customer base that shops MANGO. The 3 trends were: Bohemian + Monochrome + 90’s Grunge.

Monochrome – Black & white never fails. Colour blocking & prints are awesome. The grid print is especially popular.

Bohemian – Think Sienna Miller vibes. Flowy, sheer fabrics & paisley prints. Lots of embroidery, tassels, fringe & appliqué too.

90’s Grunge – Leather accents. Plaid & check prints. Black, white & red.

Now for the giveaway! It’s the 3rd one this week!!! Lol what can I say – it’s Christmas!

HOW to WIN R500 from MANGO:

I am running this giveaway exclusive to Instagram.
1. Head over to my IG profile (@brettrobson) & see the picture I have posted today regarding #MANGOMyStyle (I’m wearing a yellow dress & there’s text on the image).
2. Repost the image & tag @brettrobson & use the hashtag #MANGOMyStyle

Simple no?

Competition will end on Friday at 6pm.
Winner will be announced on Monday 🙂


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