Firstly I have to apologise for the late post. The Internet was down & so I was unable to post.
Anyway, today’s post includes one of my favourite shirts, from Mr Price. yes, I have used this shirt 2 Monochrome Monday’s in a row. Don’t judge!!
So I decided to draw from my quirky, cool half. What do you think? I love the geeky glasses!!! Oh & let’s not forget the cool blue thick heel shoes!!!  Cool hey, They’re new 🙂
Geeky Glasses (random online shop)
Shirt & Belt  (Mr Price)
Jeans (Woolworths)
Clutch (Taken by Storm @YDE)
Blue Shoes (Luckifly Shoes)
Earrings & Finger Bling (DIVA/Sass Diva SA)

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