Hello Monochrome Monday!!! Yes it’s that time of the week again! I really look forward to Monday’s but I have to be honest – I almost feel like changing it up a bit, like perhaps posting black & white accessories rather than outfits you know. I don’t know, it’s still all up in the air 🙂

Today’s Outfit Of The Day is a great pair of shorts that I borrowed from my mother like 10 years ago – and she bought them from Truworth’s  probably 15 years ago if not longer. Yes these were worn by my mom. True Story! Accessorised with silver heels & my nerdy glasses – and that’s that! We have our look. What do you think?

Top (DIY)
Shorts (Truworth’s)
Shoes (PLUM)
Snake Ring (Jimmy & his Girls)
Black Stone Ring & Earrings (DIVA/Sass Diva)
Bag (Mr Price)