For the most part, I am a very private person. My life is ‘online’, but it’s important to find a balance between our ‘online’ life and the life we are actually living – what you see is what I allow.

Most of the pictures that people post only portray the positive parts of their lives. Being constantly exposed to the exciting and beautiful moments. We hardly share our struggles, failures, or disappointments. So today I’d like to share with you a personal struggle of mine.

My ‘single’ relationship status.

Not because I struggle with it, but rather because others struggle to understand it.
I have not been in a serious relationship for about 5 years. (Yes, I know, that is long!)
I was hurt, & thereafter decided to focus on me.

You spend so much time invested in a relationship, only for it to crumble in front of you. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself afterwards, I just knew that I didn’t want that.
Did it make me colder?
Absolutely. The experience changed me.
Did it make me stronger?
I think so.

I changed for the better, & it made me feel like I could do anything.

I feel my strength came from wanting to prove that I was worth something more. That I was better.

Did it isolate me? Yes, I live a fairly isolated life, even though I am very ‘social’. I have a few close friends, my mom & siblings. I don’t open up to people as easily. On the surface it’s easy, but getting to know me is tough.

However, over time, I have come to enjoy my single status. As Diane has said, “You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.” – Diane Von Furstenberg. I have chosen to love my own company. And truth be told, it’s made me better. I have achieved so much by focusing on myself, & my goals. Ultimately choosing to love myself.

Being single has had a positive effect on my life. There is nothing wrong with making personal sacrifices for professional gain.

I am a firm believer that what is meant to be will be and have no doubt that when the timing is right, my personal life will change. I am and will always be open to it.

Now that you know all about my Love Stage, I’d love to hear yours… Please let me know how you #ChooseLove in your life.

Thank you for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! x