This is something new that I started last month (June 2011). I’m quite enjoying sitting down and evaluating the many thing I love, lust, and obsess about! So here goes for July 2011…
Last month my obsession was the ITGIRL game on facebook, so this is the complete opposite of that. And truth be told, I’ve enjoyed crime shows on television for a while now. Its crazy how I can sit watching shows on the Crime & Investigation Network for hours and hours. And lets not forget CSI! I love all the CSI shows from Miami to New York. The Mentalist is also a favourite of mine. Love Love Love!
2. I love the brand…FOREVER NEW
You might have seen my first post on Forever New when they first came to South Africa. I loved their look. Well, I still do. Forever New has got to be the most inviting store in Gateway Shopping Centre (that’s the mall I go to). Every time I walk pass there its like a voice is saying “Come in”. I love the soft, feminine feel of the clothing. Blogging about it makes me wanna go shopping!!!
3. Style Icon… Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
OK so I am really not into this whole obsession with the royals and what not. I really don’t see what the fuss is. I get that she married a prince & that she is famous because of that. But people are even calling her sister Pippa a style icon just because she is exactly that, her sister. However, I did see Kate in a different light during her trip to America. Some of the pieces she wore were just stunning. I loved the McQueen dress she wore. But my favourite piece had to be the green DvF dress. WoW! And you know I love me some Diane von Furstenburg. It was styled really nicely as well. Well done Kate!
4. Blog of the month… Lee Folkard Photography
Last month  I chose a blog very similar to my style of blogging. This month I’ve decided to go for a photography blog. Still fashion related, just  a bit different. I love the pictures used in the blog. And the content is good too, with posts on proper under garments for photoshoots. Love this! Check it out!
5. Wishlist item… Adjustable Dress-making form*
I have wanted one of these since I was studying fashion design. And every time I decided I was going to buy one it just didn’t happen. So fast-forward.. I still don’t have one! I do see it in my future though!
6. Music Video.. Nicki Minaj – Super Bass
I cannot tell you how much I love this song, and especially the music video. I love the colours! It’s just really fun, and very Nicki. Love it!!
7. iPhone / iPod Touch APP… BLOGlovin’
This one is a little sad for me, because my iPod Touch just went into repair the other day 🙁 I dropped it & the screen shattered. Really sad to see. Anyhow, my favourite APP prior to its destruction was the Bloglovin’ App. I love how easy it is to view all my favourite blogs on there. i actually find it a lot easier to navigate than on the pc. Love this!
I hope you have enjoyed a peek into me & my life.