NYX Highlight & Contour PRO Palette 

I am very excited to be sharing this product review with you today. I purchased the NYX Highlight & Contour PRO Palette when I was in Pretoria in November 2016, & because I was busy moving over the holidays, I really didn’t have time to use it until now. Filming this 1st impressions video on these NYX products was fun for me because I got to share my thoughts in that moment. By now, I am hoping you’ve watched the video. If you haven’t, it can be found here. This refillable palette comes with 4 highlight & 4 contour shades. The shades can be purchased individually which is great, although I am unsure if the refills are available to us in South Africa as yet – if you know the answer, please leave a comment below.

The 4 highlight shades in the top row of the palette, vary from semi-matte to satin finish. The shade Ice Queen is a pearly-pale white that has a frosted finish to it. Soft Light, Cream & Nectar are semi-matte finish. For my medium skin-tone, I found that Nectar was great as a shimmery highlight for me. The shade Cream which is a buttery, matte yellow shade is the ideal under eye setting shade. I hit pan on the yellow shade in my Kat Von D Shade & Light palette a while ago, & have not found a replacement until now. Cream blends into the skin to beautifully, & the same goes for the other highlight shades. I found the blend-ability to be amazing. I could visibly see a difference under my eyes after setting my concealer with the yellow shade (Cream).

There are 4 contour shades in the palette, which are all semi-matte in my opinion. I did see online that some people said they are satin finish, but I didn’t find that. All 4 contour shades are buttery smooth & blend so lovely into the skin. I feel like Sculpt would be a great contour shade for fairer skin. It is a taupe shade with a hint of grey. Tan & Toffee mixed together gave me my perfect contour shade. I could probably get away with using just Toffee on it’s own, but I decided to mix the 2 anyway. They blended well into my skin, & gave my face some life. Hollow would be a good contour shade for darker skin tones. The fact that this palette is suitable for most skin tones makes this palette that much more appealing. I pretty much love this palette, & would definitely recommend it. Although, I have to mention that when switching & dipping your brush into the pan, you will find that there is a bit of kick up/powder. However, this does not bother me.

The NYX Highlight & Contour PRO Palette is affordable at R394.99 & is available at Clicks. I visited the Menlyn Mall Clicks where there is the most amazing NYX store-in-store concept. I was in awe of the vast amount of products available. I am yet to come across a selection even remotely close to that here in Durban, but Clicks does have an online store so you should make use of it.

NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette

When I received this from NYX, I was over the moon. I love to wear highlighter on my face, but didn’t have shades like the lavender, gold or pink ones in this palette. The palette contains 7 shades in total. Personally, I am able to use all 7 shades, because they are so complementary to my medium skin-tone. However, I am not fan the gold shade. I found it to be a little chunky as opposed to smooth. I don’t like highlighter shades that look like glitter. And this looked a little glittery to me.

I used 5 of the 7 shades in my 1st impressions video.I really loved how well they blended into my skin. And when finished with my Me&Youth setting spray, my face was simply flawless. I used the lavender on my cheekbones, & to my surprise I really liked how it looked. I am not sure why I didn’t venture into that territory before.

Overall, I think the NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette is amazing. Should you buy it? Absolutely. You can purchase it from Clicks for R354.99, which in my opinion is affordable for this quality & colour selection.

I am really impressed with both of these products. And I could not recommend them more. I think that it is amazing what drugstore brands like NYX are doing. And more importantly, it’s especially awesome that they are bringing so much of their international selection into South Africa.  As I mentioned above, if your local Clicks does not have these products, you can definitely check out the Clicks online store to make your purchase. I’m just warning you that you will want EVERYTHING!

I hope you have enjoyed these product reviews. I always enjoy putting out content like this, so it would be great if you could give me some feedback below on what you’d like to see me review next!

Watch the video below: