Studded Headband & Bag (Mr Price)  | Blouse (Hong Kong) | Bodycon Skirt (YDE) |
Double-Finger Ring (Sass Diva) | Nude Pumps (Foschini)

You may be thinking “What sort of OOTD name is this?” – Well, when i look at the above photograph I immediately felt a sort of dreamy, floating, peaceful sensation, & so I figured I’d let you all in on how I felt. Make sense?

I am absolutely OBSSESSED with the studded headband from Mr Price – I am actually planning outfits around it. I hope you enjoyed this look. Would love to hear what you think?


Ok so Im currently also OBSSESSED with Lana Del Rey’s Cola, from the Born To Die – Paradise Edition. I’ve loved Lana since I heard Video Games, and this song just puts me in such a great mood. Give it a listen 🙂

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