Denim MOTO Jacket (Topshop) | Black Ruched Skirt (Brett Robson buy here & here) | Diamante Choker (Shop Brett Robson) | Crushed Velvet Booties (Public Desire)

I last posted an outfit here in December – where did time go? The truth is, I have had these images in my back pocket for a few weeks now. I had planned to post them while I was in China, but VPN issues stood in my way. And then I was back, & work has kept me busy for every minute of that time. Right now, I’m sitting in bed, wearing a comfy Anna-Louise robe (thanks Naz) & sipping tea. This is probably the most relaxed I have felt in a while. But hold up, once this post is scheduled, I have a list of about 10 things that need to be done before I sleep tonight.

I’m not sure when my life got to this point, but it’s becoming a little scary. I’m constantly exhausted to the point where I can’t sleep. And when I do sleep, my brain won’t shut off. I’m out here sending people emails at 3am. Yes,I would not survive in France. However, it’s become the way I do things now. Last week, I spent Monday night to Wednesday evening in Johannesburg. I slept in my own bed on Wednesday, only to leave for Cape Town on Thursday evening. When you’re constantly moving at this crazy pace, it’s hard to feel settled or relaxed. On most days, I’m either miserable because of lack of sleep; or I am high on life because I’m excited about something or the other that I’m doing. I love everything I do, but am I doing too much?

A while back, I realized that Shop Brett Robson, & my Brett Robson brand would become my priority. But even so, I can’t just neglect everything else. The other day, I caught myself in a conversation about influencers on Instagram referring to themselves as bloggers, but they didn’t have blogs, or posted to their blogs only when clients required it (basically once a month or every second month). I stopped to think about when last I had posted to my own blog. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t be so judgey, because clearly I have not been the best at keeping up my own blog. I am constantly approached by people wanting to “contribute” to the blog with content. But, I like that this is my voice, & that I am sharing it with people who care to hear what I have to say. Well, at least I hope you care.

As always, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Whether you’re here for the style or my chit chat, I do appreciate that you’ve taken the time to stop by. Be sure to check out more images in the gallery below. All you need to do is click on an image you’d like to see larger.

**Before I forget, these shoes are uncomfortable AF – be warned.

Images by Jerome Stoffels Photography