When it comes to my fitness routine, I would say that I am a straight forward gym-goer. I work out in the gym 4 times a week, more or less. My fitness schedule is largely dependent on my work schedule. If I am traveling or have lots of work to do, then I skip the gym. I do still consider myself to be fit though. I am not as toned as I’d like to be, but there’s still hope for my booty. LOL.

When I was asked to work on the #IAMINSPIRED campaign with Hi-Tec & MOVEPRETTY, I used it as an opportunity to try something different; an outdoor workout. Even though it was mostly to do with shooting a video for the campaign, I can truly say that I felt inspired. And I had a pretty funny tan to remember the day by lol. After we shot the video, I found myself asking the question “Why don’t I work out outdoors?”.

I work out at night mostly, but I most certainly do have room for an outdoor work out here & there. And being the girl that I am, I made a list of benefits to working out outdoors to motivate myself:

  • Fresh air: This is self-explanatory; who doesn’t want to breathe in the fresh air while working out. Having the sun on your skin would be an added benefit.
  • Diversity to your routine: If you’re like me & your routine is the same everyday, then working out outdoors may be what you need to change things up. You can make use of stairs & uphill terrain, & pretty much everything in your surroundings.
  • Mental health: I think being outdoors & working out are a great way to clear your head. It also gives you the chance to disconnect & just be one with nature. I use my phone in the gym, whereas outdoors I put it away. The increased oxygen is also good for your mood, which may help with your stress levels.
  • Money: I’m not going to be quitting gym anytime soon; but if money is tight for you, then working out outdoors may suit you. You don’t need to pay to exercise in your local park or on the street you live on.
  • Stimulation: It’s easy to get bored in a gym environment because it’s essentially “4 walls”. However, being outdoors gives you endless options for scenery.


So, have I convinced you to grab those sneakers & head to the park?

Workout OOTD: