In celebrating the modern, multifaceted, unique women of the world, PANDORA has launched the #UniqueAsWeAre campaign. As a brand, PANDORA is present in 100 countries, across six continents. That being said, the PANDORA customer is obviously a very diverse group with not only different nationalities & races; but also completely different personalities, making each of these women unique in their own way. The goal behind the PANDORA #UniqueAsWeAre campaign is to embrace this individuality & connect with women worldwide on a much deeper emotional level.

For me, this campaign was different for me to work on for a few reasons. Firstly, upon signing up to be a part of this #UniqueAsWeAre campaign, I had not shopped at PANDORA before. This was my first experience of going into store, choosing a bracelet, & picking out charms too. This was quite a fun process. I can honestly say I enjoyed it. I chose charms that I felt were special to me. The camera charm is self-explanatory. My life is collection of photographs spread out over my blog & social media. Also self-explanatory, was the shopping bag charm. I know I’m not alone with how much I love to shop, right? The last charm I picked up for my snake bracelet was the THANK YOU charm. It has the word THANK YOU in different languages written/engraved on it. I think this one is extremely special to me, because it’s a reminder to be grateful for everything I have. I won’t lie, by the time I left the PANDORA store, I already had a few other charms in mind to add to my bracelet. Could this be my new addiction?

IMG_4491 IMG_4387 IMG_4429

Another reason why this campaign different from working on other projects, was because it posed the question: What makes you unique? I pondered about this for a while, & eventually came to the conclusion that I am unique because I am driven by my confidence. My confidence in myself pushes me to achieve my goals. My confidence also comes through in my fashion choices. If I was not confident, I would not wear half the things I do. I am able to be bold at times because I trust my gut when it comes to my fashion choices. For me, jewelry is different to fashion. I like to keep my choices in jewelry very simple. You can see this is my PANDORA selection.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. I had an amazing time working on it with Jerome Stoffels (photos) & Stefan Rust (video). I am definitely interested in hearing what you think makes you unique as a woman, so be sure to leave a comment & share your thoughts!

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