Today I am sharing my Paris Travel Photo Diary with you. I promised this post over a week ago, but with the Shop Brett Robson launch it has been pretty crazy! But, it’s here now, & I am excited to share my Parisian experience with you all.

Paris has been my #1 ‘must see’ destination since I can remember. Wanting to travel to France, & Paris especially  was probably the main reason I spent 5 years in high school studying French. So, this trip was a big deal for me – finally getting to see my special place. We do not travel to France as a regular thing at work, but we had a BIG meeting in Paris so we travelled there especially for that meeting.

I honestly wish I had Jerome with me. There were so many amazing photo opportunities. Everywhere you look is the perfect setting for an amazing look post lol. But, I had to made do with my 2 male colleagues who aren’t the best at figuring my angles lol. They did try though.

We stayed within walking distance of Champs Elysees & the Arc de Triomphe. It was really cool to be able to walk there from the hotel. I viewed the Arc de Triomphe from the street, & walked through the tunnel under it. We didn’t go up to see it though, there were so many people. After that we walked to La Tour Eiffel. That was crazy amazing. It is so huge, I was absolutely shocked. I want to go back to Paris for the sole purpose of doing a Rihanna-like photoshoot with La Tour Eiffel in the background. While I can appreciate the beauty of of seeing the tourist attractions & beautiful monuments; what I enjoyed more was seeing the Latin Quarter of Paris. It had such a vibe. I loved walking those streets, seeing French people in their element eating at the coolest restaurants, with music playing & people everywhere. It was awesome. There were literally a million restaurants to choose from but we chose a crêpe joint with every kind of crêpe you can imagine on the menu. After that we moved onto a dessert place where I had another crêpe lol.

The ‘Love-Locks’ Pont Des Arts bridge along the River Seine had me feeling some feelings. It was a beautiful experience to see it, & to watch couples & families place their locks of love along the bridge. It was just so sweet. If I get to go back to Paris with someone that I love, I would like to experience this place again.

All in all I had a great time in Paris, & I am so glad I got to be a bit of a tourist for a change. Exactly a week from now I will be heading to China. I will do a post like this after my trip as well, but if you aren’t already following me on Instagram @brettrobson & Snapchat brett_robson you should, because I am constantly updating those.

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