I fell in love with these popper trousers when I saw them at the H&M opening at Gateway last year. I purchased them without a second thought. But then, they sat in my closet for weeks & weeks. Why? It’s pretty simple, I was afraid. Not sure why I was afraid of popper trouser, but I just felt a little anxiety. Who actually has anxiety of clothing though? I hope it’s not just me. Popper trousers have been trending for the longest time. It’s the kind of trend that looks great on all the It-girls. But wearing it in every day life, as an every day girl is very different. I think that’s where my anxiety came from.

I love the detailing of the pearls on the outside legs. It adds just a little detail in the classiest way. And hey, black never fails right. Styling these popper trousers was surprisingly easy once I actually made moves to wear it. I was going for simplicity. And I think I achieved that. I paired the popper trousers with a black bodysuit from Shop Brett Robson, & a mesh top and some kitten heels. I felt amazing when I was wearing the outfit. That’s all I ever want to feel. I know not everyday is a great outfit day, but when it is – I feel like I’ve won at life.

Popper Trousers (H&M) | Black Bodysuit (Shop Brett Robson) | Kitten Heels (ZARA) | iamtrend Sunglasses | Bag (a purchase from NYC or Dubai – I don’t remember) | Turkish Delight Chubby Stick by Kelso Beauty

Images by: @princeedgie