Power as a whole is so complex. Feeling powerful is less complex, it pretty much just feels great. Having someone exert power over you on the other hand can be an awful feeling. They say there is power in beauty; & power in knowledge. And there is power in ones thoughts. All of the above are true.

These check pants scream power, “Hey, I’m in charge!” How could I not feel powerful wearing this look? Impossible (I say it in my French teacher’s accent in my head). But the feeling of power is wavering. It can come & go in the blink of an eye. Just last week Jacob Zuma was our president, & the next day he wasn’t. **Note to self: Power has no loyalty.

When I’m not in that comfortable feeling of power, I hate it. Did I tell ya’ll I was friendzoned. LOL. True story. Being my confident self, I asked a guy to coffee & swiftly received a “let’s just be friends” reply. I haven’t felt that powerless in ages. Zero control over the situation except how I was going to react. I had a good laugh with my mom about about. But man I was shook! Rejection in itself is power in some ways. The person doing the rejecting is likely to feel some power. And I guess I found my power in understanding that it may be less about me & more about the other person. Don’t mistake this for me saying that “everyone should be attracted to me”. It’s just that rejection doesn’t make us any less of a person; or mean that there is something wrong with us. There’s someone out there for everyone after all. Or at least I like to believe that.

Vinyl bodysuit (Shop Brett Robson) | Check pants (not so similar here) | Kitten heels (ZARA) | Sunglasses (iAMTREND) | Vinyl Bag (Lipault)

Images by: @princeedgie