Whenever it comes to fragrances, I find that the best way I can express my thoughts & feelings about a fragrance is by telling you the things that make me smile or have happy thoughts when wearing that fragrance. I’m not going to be all up there & try to speak about notes & what not. Who understands that anyway? Honestly, I never got that.

Now that, my little fragrance review disclaimer is out there, let’s talk about the Revlon Love Is On Eau De Toilette. I have tons of fragrances. But, when it comes to choosing what fragrance I put on in the morning, or before a night out; I find myself reaching for the same few over & over again. Revlon’s Love Is On Eau De Toilette is among the few I constantly reach for.  The truth is, I go mostly on how I feel, even when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. So, when I choose to wear a fragrance, it must be something that makes me feel happy, or sexy, or just fresh. And how does this LOVE IS ON fragrance  make me feel you ask? Flirty – on most days 😉

Maybe it’s just me, but this sweet, sensual fragrance makes me think of love. Perhaps it’s the heart-shaped bottle; or the fresh roses smell I get whenever I open it; or the fact that the name LOVE IS ON literally inspires love.

Here’s what Revlon has to say The flirtatious fragrance bouquet of sweet berry, citrus, and velvety rose intensifies with the sensual heat of ginger, cardamom, and exotic sandalwood. Rich notes of vanilla, amber and musk round out softer notes, developing into a singular, seductive aroma that excites the senses and pulls him close.”

And why do I like the Revlon Love Is On Eau De Toilette you ask. Well here’s a list of reasons:

  • The heart-shaped bottle is unique & fun.
  • It smells like roses to me. I love roses.
  • It’s long lasting but not over-powering. I can still smell it at the end of the day.
  • I have received multiple compliments when wearing this fragrance.
  • I feel good/happy/flirty when I am wearing the Love Is On fragrance.
  • It’s affordable at R399. Most fragrances cost double that if not more.

I really do like this romantic, flirtatious fragrance – I’m not just saying that. If you think you could like the floral, rose scent I suggest you give it a smell at your nearest Clicks or Dischem (& other Revlon stockists). I think you just might like it. And hey, maybe it’ll make you feel a little flirty too 😉

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**Disclaimer: Working with Revlon as a #LOVESquadSA member is exposing me to many products by Revlon that I hadn’t tried until now. And yes, this is why you are seeing more from the brand on this platform. I hope that you will always trust what I write in these posts, & not assume that I am not being genuine & honest. I am really enjoying ALL the beauty content I am producing, & I can tell  you are enjoying it too. Thank you for coming back each & every post. It means the world to me. x