Thanks to REVLON, yesterday I got the opportunity to host a Pink Happiness Pamper Party for 12 young ladies at the Lakehaven Childrens Home. This was one of the most amazing experiences I have had being a blogger. No glamourous event or freebie or whatever compares to spending time with these kids. Being able to give them a little attention; expose them to the possibilities out there; encouraging them to dream big; & spoiling them of course! 
What did we do?
I am a firm believer in vision boards (yes I read The Secret). I have a few, & they help me keep my goals in sight at all times. I wanted them to create these vision boards so that they can think of the future, & envision what they want their lives to be. 
Treats for the day included getting their nails painted, & soaking their feet in foot spas which I donated to the home (for them to use later). And who can say no to all the yummy yummy sweets & food! 
Goodie bags were pretty awesome too. Revlon sponsored Pink Happiness fragrance & body hampers for each of the girls. I added some bath time goodies to that bag to add to the overall luxury of it all. Glamour Magazine sponsored magazines. Revlon also sponsored nail essentials (polish, clippers, files etc.) & lipgloss, which I put into the cute glitter jars. And I got some clothing from work which made up the last goodie bag.
I think it was a lovely experience for the girls. It certainly was for me & my helpers (my sister, mom, & my friend Suheena).

And yes, by the end of the day I had to take my shoes off! I didn’t even have the energy to put them back on! lol

Thanks so much to Revlon for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others!